'79-85 Toyota 4x4 Transmissions

5-speedR151F'86-'87 turbo4.312.331.451.000.854.748
Note: Model designations started with a letter prefix that indicated the shifter positions. The forward or remote shifter models, with only a few exceptions, were fitted to bench-seat-equipped trucks, and the shift mechanisms were moved 3-4 inches forward to clear the bench seat. The direct-shift units were seen on bucket-seat models. A remote-shift trasmission also had a remote-shift transfer case with extended shift rods, so you can only match up direct-shift transmissions with direct-shift transfer cases.
G and R= Forward or remote shift; W and L=Direct shift.
1A very weak four-speed with an aluminum bellhousing, a cast-iron case, and an aluminum extension housing. It was 20.75 inches long and had a 72mm input bearing.
2Another weak four-speed and the last four-speed commonly available in 4x4s. It has an integral cast-iron bellhousing and case. It was also 20.75 inches ling but had a 75mm input bearing.
3A weak five-speed that was 20.75 inches long and had an integral cast-iron bellhousing and trans case. It had a 75mm input bearing.
4A better five-speed with an integral cast-iron bellhousing and a case but a bigger 80mm input bearing. It was also 20.75 inches long and the last of the short trannies
5The first of the long trannies, it was 25.5 inches long and had a separate aluminum bellhousing, case, and extension housing with a cast-iron bearing support plate sandwiched between the case and the extension. It used an 80mm input bearing.
6An orphan unit in the long category, similar to the G52 but with a slightly wider input bearing.
7Like the G52 but with direct shifting and an aluminum bearing-support plate.
8Though not used in the solid-axle era, this is the best tranny for swapping purposes. Not only does it have the lowest First gear, it was built stronger to withstand the turbo engine. It has a 23-spline output shaft and a 92mm input bearing. It bolts up to any geardrive transfer caseif a 23-spline input gear is installed. A 9.25-inch clutch and companion flywheel were used with turbo engines (versus the 8.88-inch). It can also be retrofitted to nonturbo engines.
9The token automatic. A four-speed auto, it was a decent but uninspiring piece that soaked up enough of the four-cylinder's power to give new meaning to the term slow. It was also fitted with a lockup torque converter.

Fits or Hits Tire Chart

VehicleStockLiftLift and TrimLift + Body Lift
'79-85 pickup235/7532x11.50 (3)*33x12.50(5)*33x12.50* (3) [1-2]
30x9.5033.x12.50 (5)35x12.50 (5)
35x12.50* (5)[2-3]31x10.5032x10.50
Since there are many variables, use this as a rough guide. Suspension lift is shown in parantheses (), body lift in brackets [].
* Denotes a suspension with copious articulation.
All information for this table was pulled from the August 2000 4x4 Power magazine page 54. This was their last issue.