A little history:

June 2000

The pickup was bought for $500 from a guy in Devils Lake ND. We drove up a week later and hauled it home. Upon inspection we found that it had a real nice crack from the bellhousing to the oil pan, and made a nice antifreeze leak. The truck came with a spare 22R so it was "NO PROBLEM". Yeah right it turned out that the spare/extra motor was in just as bad of shape as the original. The spare had very large "ripples" through the cylinder walls we noticed them after we tore it down and started honing the cylinder walls, (we thought we could just re-ring it, NOPE!). So we purchased another Toy, an 81 2wd this time, the engine had already been swapped by the previous owner who bought it because he had warped his head and couldn't get the headgasket to reseal anymore. But aside from a warped head the engine was in good condition. So the kit was ordered and the block was re-rung and the original head was used since it was not warped. A couple days later we were "testing" it in the yard. The next hurdle was the tires where some very bald 31's and mixed brands too. So one day when my step-Dad was gone we went out back and stole the 33's off of his 84 Toyota. He caught us when we where halfway done. He did not care but said when the 350 was done getting rebuilt for the 84 we had to give back the tires, we agreed to the terms and finished our swap. The tires fit perfectly as long as my "fat ass" step brother did not ride in the truck. Acutally they rubbed a little on the floorboard, (not the fender). We tapped it up out of the way a little ;) and it still would rub on extremely sharp turns and when not on level ground. So a Rough Country 1.5-2.5" add-a-leaf kit was ordered through J.C. Whitney. And my step brother got me a 2" block lift for the rear. When the front kit arrived we found that it did not contain new U-bolts, and that the rear kit included rounded, not square bolts. There was a trip made to town (I live 30 miles from the closest city). And new U-bolts were ordered, but the store ordered the wrong ones and I now have a spare set of rounded U-bolts. We re-ordered and got the right ones, but had to pay for both. And everything has been ok since. A couple of weeks later my step-Dad purchased a set of 36" Swampers for the '84 (which still doesn't run). And told me I could keep the 33's.

Aug 2000

The truck has recieved a Buick V6 motor and fullsized GM pickup auto transmission and transfer case since then. Sorry no pics of it yet. And still no front driveline.