Free Agents
Date Team Player Dropped Position NFL Team Player Added Position NFL Team
Aug. 29 Heather's Feathers Akili Smith QB Bengals Neil O'Donnel QB Titans
Sep. 5 Heather's Feathers Tim Couch QB Browns James Allen RB Bears
Sep. 5 Fargo Hurricanes Joey Galloway WR Cowboys Andre Rison WR Raiders
Sep. 5 Gridiron Guppas David Lafleur TE Cowboys Kyle Brady TE Jaguars
Sep. 5 Boogie Knights Skip Hicks RB Redskins Fred Beasley RB 49ers
Sep. 6 Walleye Mike Cloud RB Cheifs Robert Chancey RB Chargers
Sep. 8 Fargo Hurricanes Olandis Gary RB Broncos Tony Richardson RB Chiefs
Sep. 12 Gridiron Guppas Michael Westbrook WR Redskins Dedric Ward WR NY Jets
Sep. 12 Moorhead Swallows Leroy Hoard RB FA Mike Anderson RB Broncos
Sep. 14 Randy's Rockets Byron Chamberlain TE Broncos Ken Dilger TE Colts
Sep. 22 Fargo Hurricanes Tim Dwight WR Falcons Herman Moore WR Lions
Sep. 22 Fargo Hurricanes Sean Dawkins WR Seahawks James McKnight WR Cowboys
Sep. 22 Fargo Hurricanes Andre Rison WR Raiders Sylvester Morris WR Chiefs
Sep. 22 Walleye Andrew Jordan TE Vikings Aaron Shea TE Browns
Sep. 22 Walleye R. Jay Soward WR Jaguars Ryan Leaf QB Chargers
Sep. 22 Boogie Knights Bobby Engram WR Bears Tim Couch QB Browns
Sep. 22 Boogie Knights Brett Conway K Redskins Morton Anderson K Falcons
Sep. 29 Moorhead Swallows Mike Hollis K Jaguars Michael Hustad K Redskins
Sep. 29 Gridiron Guppas Dedric Ward WR Jets Terrance Wilkins WR Colts
Oct. 3 Heather's Feathers J. J. Johnson RB Dolphins Travis Prentice RB Browns
Oct. 19 Boogie Knightss Kevin Dyson WR Titans Darrell Jackson WR Seahawks
Oct. 19 Boogie Knights Morten Anderson K Falcons Troy Brown WR Patriots
Oct. 19 Boogie Knights Defense D Seahawks Defense D Jets
Oct. 27 Walleye Aaron Shea TE Browns Chad Lewis TE Eagles
Oct. 27 Parrotheads Freddie Jones TE Chargers Itula Mili TE Seahawks
Oct. 27 Parrotheads Jon Kitna QB Seahawks Doug Flutie QB Bills
Oct. 27 Fargo Hurricanes Troy Aikman QB Cowboys Trent Green QB Rams
Oct. 31 Parrotheads Peerless Price WR Bills Laveranues Coles WR Jets
Oct. 31 Boogie Knights Wesley Walls TE Panthers Freddie Jones TE Chargers
Nov. 8 Boogie Knights Tim Couch QB Browns Derrick Mason WR Titans
Nov. 10 Randy's Rockets Chicago D Bears Pittsburgh D Steelers
Nov. 17 Randy's Rockets Raghib Ismail WR Cowboys Terry Allen RB Free Agent
Nov. 17 The Clams Errict Rhett RB Free Agent Gus Frerrotte QB Broncos
Nov. 22 Parrotheads Doug Flutie QB Bills Ahman Green RB GB
Nov. 22 Boogie Knights Cade McNown QB Bears Trent Dilfer QB Ravens
Nov. 22 Boogie Knights Fred Beasley RB 49ers Zack Crockett RB Raiders
Nov. 22 The Clams Damon Jones TE Jaguars Bernie Parmalee RB Jets


On Oct. 3 the Banana Bars traded Germane Crowell, WR Detroit and Wade Richey, K San Francisco to the Boogie Knights for Corey Dillon, RB Cincinnati and Kevin Johnson, WR Cleveland.

On Oct. 24 the Clams traded Ed McCaffrey, WR Denver and Mark Brunell, QB Jacksonville to Walleye for Brian Griese, QB Denver. In addition Walleye dropped Ryan Leaf, QB San Diego.