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Art 296

These are the images which I have done with The Gimp (Gnu Image Manipulation Program). I also used the pov-ray raytracing tool to create some parts of the image. Pov-ray is a very time consuming process since you have to write code explaining exactly how each image is utilized and made, as well as light sources and camera angles. The GIMP is the gnu unix equivalent of PhotoShop, and better yet it's free.
Gimp Image One
Gimp Image Two
Gimp Image Three
Gimp Image Four
Gimp Image Five
The Explaination of what I did for each of the images doen in the Gimp.
here are a few of the pictures I have done in photoshop 4.0 When you are done viewing the image click on the back button of your browser. These are quite large so they take some time to load.
Photoshop Image One
Photoshop Image Two The original image was scanned off of a Chemical Brother's Album Cover
Photoshop Image Three
Photoshop Image Four
Photoshop Image Five
Photoshop Image Six
I will come up with creative names for these sometime later , as well as posting some of my other works as well.